Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 spoilers: Yannick Bisson reveals sneak peek

As Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 begins on Monday, September 25, Yannick Bisson provides insights into what lies ahead in the new season.

Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries ended dramatically with Station House No. 4 in disarray, Detective William Murdoch (played by Yannick Bisson) in jail for murder, and the life of his wife Julia (played by Helene Joy) in jeopardy.

In his Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 behind-the-scenes video, 48-year-old Yannick Bisson emphasizes that not knowing what has happened to his wife Julia, his colleagues, and his boss at Station House No. 4 makes it impossible for him to admit to a murder that he did not commit.

Inspector Brachenreid’s temporary replacement and the new head of Station House No. 4, Penelope Marsh (played by British actress Tamzin Outhwaite) and Counselor Franklin Williams (played by Robin Dunne) try to get Murdoch to confess to the murder of Miss Lydia Hall.

However, Detective Murdoch doesn’t find Penelope Marsh trustworthy nor believes Williams’ words that admitting to a crime that he did not commit would save Station House No. 4 or the life of his wife.

As Yannick Bisson points out, with the stakes being at the highest in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries, fans can expect that he and his colleagues will use all of their skills and resources to get out of a seemingly impossible predicament.

In addition to the revolutionary female role of Penelope Marsh as head of Station Number 4, Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 will also feature historical international figures including Helen Keller, physician William Osler, artist Tom Thomson, Alexander Graham Bell, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Scottish-born Canadian actor and improvisational comedian Colin Mochrie and Canadian actress Elise Bauman (best known for her role as Laura Hollis, the lead character of the popular vampire-themed web series Carmilla) will also appear in Murdoch Mysteries Season 11.

In regard to what’s ahead for Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries, Peter Mitchell (one of the show’s executive producers) made the following comment at the end of Season 10:

“I think it’s a big enough mess that it will take more than one episode to clean it up,” said Mitchell. “I’ve been studiously avoiding the hard work of making it all make sense.” As for Season 11, the executive producer stated, “ I think what I’ll probably do is use a couple of the early episodes to deal with the repercussions of last year and then bounce the show ahead three months in time because I don’t think we’re purpose built to go dark, dark, dark. “

As in the past 10 seasons of the show, Mitchell points out that “We’re allowed to go dark on the show but I don’t think we can stay there.”

CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 Teaser has fans in suspense and looking forward to Monday:

The new fall season of Murdoch Mysteries consists of 18 one-hour episodes and as always, a Murdoch Mysteries two-hour Christmas special. The show’s Season 11 tagline, “This season, the stakes couldn’t be higher …” promises exciting new challenges for Murdoch and his colleagues.

Here are the first few Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 episode spoilers:

Season 11 Episode 1  is titled “Up From Ashes” and continues where Season 10 ended. Jailed Murdoch must prove that he has nothing to do with the murder of Lydia Hall. Murdoch’s ambushed collegues must find a way out of their predicament, and Murdoch’s kidnapped wife Dr. Julia Ogden looks for ways to escape. The air date for the Season 11 premiere is Monday night, September 25.

Season 11 Episode 2 is titled “Merlot Mysteries” and finds Murdoch and Watts trying to solve the mystery of a poisoned wine connoisseur. The episode, which involves fraud in the wine business, airs on October 2.

Season 11 Episode 3 is titled “8 Footsteps.” A recording device made by Alexander Graham Bell assists in the investigation of a murder at a dinner honoring Helen Keller. The episode airs on October 9.

Season 11 Episode 4 is titled “The Canadian Patient” and covers the extraordinary topic of organ transplants. Murdoch investigates a surgeon performing organ transplants. The episode airs on October 16.

Mysteries Season 11 is set to begin on the CBC network on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 8 p.m.