How to print & email your Amazon Echo content from your PC

Amazon Echo users can edit, add, delete, print, or email personal Alexa app information from a desktop. From shopping or to-do lists to music, video, books, and smart home settings, Alexa app data can be viewed and controlled from a bigger PC screen.

Whether you make any changes via talking to Alexa, modify something on your smart phone, or add something on your desktop – the information is all synced instantly.

Many Amazon Echo users are quite happy to control all Alexa app settings and skills from their mobile phone. However, many others prefer to see the smart speaker’s data on a bigger screen.

The biggest advantage of controlling your Alexa app from your desktop is the ability to print and email any of your Echo’s information.

Using Amazon’s Alexa app on a smart phone

On a smart phone, your Amazon Alexa app’s Home screen enables you to see all previous interactions with the smart speaker. By clicking on the bubble icon on the bottom, you can see previous conversations and your Alexa contact list. Clicking the icon to the very right (the three bars), gives you access to your music, your audio books, and radio stations.

Clicking the three white bars in the top left corner shows you your app’s settings, music, video and books, lists, reminders and alarms, routines, connected smart home devices or groups, and Alexa skills you can try.

While it is possible to email or share some of Alexa’s data with someone else via your smart phone, those tasks require a third-party service (IFTTT). However, IFTTT is not available outside of the United States.

How to get to your Alexa app on your PC

Many Amazon Echo users prefer managing their Alexa app with their desktop rather than their smart phone because the screen does not go dark after a few seconds and there is no need to install a third-party service.

To access all of your Alexa app information, simply go to in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). If necessary, sign in.

Once you are signed in, you can see the same Amazon Alexa app Home screen that you would see on your smart phone. Viewing the app’s Home screen on your desktop might show you an additional “Now Playing” button.

You can control all of your Alexa app settings, lists, reminders, books, music, radio stations, etc. from here.

If you need to add items to your shopping or to-do lists, you can either tell Alexa or type an item in. Since Alexa does appear to have auditory processing disorder at times (she doesn’t quite get what one is saying), it is sometimes easier to type in an item.

How to print Alexa app info from your PC

To print your shopping, to-do, or any other list, simply click on “Print” in the right hand top corner of the Lists window.

To print out any information from your Alexa app settings, your Smart Home settings, Things to Try, or Help and Feedback pages, just right click on your mouse and choose “print.”

How to email Alexa app data with your PC

If you need to email your shopping list to yourself or someone else, you can take a print screen and paste it into any email. Most keyboards have the print screen key on the top row.

If your list is too long, you have the option of taking two different screen shots (one from the top and one from the bottom) or you can use your browser’s settings to zoom out. In a Chrome browser, you click on the three dots on the top right corner and change your zoom percentage. At about 50%, we were able to see a shopping list of more than 20 items.

The print screen button can be used on anything that you see on your desktop screen. This becomes very useful if you need someone else’s help and want to share what you are seeing on your screen. Of course, using Skype’s or Hangouts’ live screen share also work. However, sometimes the other person is not available and one would like to send a screen shot via email.

When we tested Amazon Echo Dot’s Alexa shopping list to see how long it would take for a new item to appear on our desktop screen – it was instant.

How to add or delete Alexa app data from your PC

Before printing or emailing your shopping list, smart home settings, or book list, you might want to edit some information.

In order to delete any items from a shopping list, you can click on the check box next to the item and then click on “Delete.” To change or edit the name of an item, you can click on the item’s name and then on the pencil.

All information on your Alexa app is organized on cards. If you ask Alexa about the weather in a certain city and later on do not want to keep that information listed on your Home screen, you can click on the “More” icon (a down arrow) on the right bottom corner of the card and choose “Remove Card.”

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