‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown cancer: ‘God Bless You All’

While Alaskan Bush People mom Ami Brown is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, desperate ‘ABP’ fans are praying for Ami’s health.

We check all Alaskan Bush People news sources on a daily basis. However, there is no word or any update on Ami Brown and her cancer.

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Tonight airs episode 4 of Alaskan Bush People, and according to previews, viewers can expect more old footage — yes — and some new shots that were filmed by Discovery Channel before Browntown was abandoned.

According to Matt Brown’s Facebook page (which is made by a fan, not Matt Bown himself), this evening begins with reruns at 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. when the new episode begins on Discovery Channel.

One of the new shots that was shared online is Bam and Bear dressed up in costumes. Our students shook their heads when they saw the preview. Why would Discovery Channel focus on the Brown children being dressed up when their mom Ami is in dire health?

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Thousands of Alaskan Bush People fans are commenting in regard to Ami Brown’s cancer on Facebook, but since those pages are done by fans themselves, there are no updates about Ami’s health status.

Surprisingly, many fans do not understand that the Alaskan Bush People Facebook pages are not by any of the Brown family members. Matt and Joshua Bam Brown are receiving thousands of best wishes for their mom. Except — they never see the wishes posted on Facebook.

“God Bless You All….praying for Ami and family,” reads one of the thousands of Facebook comments to the Browns.

“Joshua I was really sorry to here about your mom. My prayers to her and family,” writes another fan who is eager to find out more information about Ami’s illness and the fate of Browntown. “But I just heard that browntown wasn’t you guys property. Is that true?”

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The lack of updates on Ami Brown’s cancer and her health status is stunning, especially since thousands of fans are praying for the Alaskan Bush People mom. We provided the latest report about Ami’s illness on July 8.

Instead of updates on Ami, fans are getting news about the incredible ratings the reality television show is bringing to Discovery Channel.

Last week’s ‘ABP’ episode was supposed to bring footage from Matt Brown’s accident. However, despite the preview teaser, viewers did not see any accident footage or received updates on Matt’s health.

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“Alaskan Bush People secured the network’s highest-rated first half of the year numbers on Wednesday nights among Adults 25-54,” shares Joshua Bam Brown’s Facebook page. But that isn’t quite what the Brown family’s fans were praying for, is it?