‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown cancer update

Does Ami Brown of Alaskan Bush People have cancer? Ami Brown’s illness and health crisis propelled last week’s Alaskan Bush People episode to the top of Wednesday night’s cable TV rankings. Discovery Channel raked in 2.6 million viewers.

Update as of July 1: Ami Brown has reportedly received radiation and chemotherapy since her cancer diagnosis about two months ago when the filming of Alaskan Bush People took place. Unfortunately, we have not received any news so far that her illness is improving.

The status of Discovery Channel’s TV rating for the reality television show is better than ever with last week’s episode 2 of Alaskan Bush People raking in nearly 2.8 million viewers.

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Below is our previous article on Ami Brown’s illness:

As millions of Alaskan Bush People fans are anxious to find out details about Ami Brown’s cancer, here is what our students found out in their research about Ami Brown’s illness.

Ami Brown lung cancer illness

Here is what Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown said about Ami’s illness and diagnosis when the show returned for season 7:

Here is the preview to last week’s Alaskan Bush People episode.

Yes, 53-year-old Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown (whose full name is Amora Lee Branson Brown) looks like she is dealing with some illness. However, neither Billy Brown, his children, Discovery Channel, nor any reputable news agency has reported that Ami Brown has cancer.

Discovery Channel films Alaskan Bush People months before the episodes are aired. If Ami Brown had in fact stage four lung cancer when the family traveled to Los Angeles, the Alaskan Bush People star’s grave illness would have been reported by any reputable celebrity news outlet.

Doctors at the UCLA Medical Center in California found nodes on Ami Brown’s throat and detected a mass on her lungs. Because of the possibility that Ami Brown could have lung cancer, the doctors ordered a biopsy. The results of the biopsy were available at the time of filming Alaskan Bush People — why wait?

Alaska Dispatch News, which has always stayed on top of events happening in the Alaskan Bush People family, has shared absolutely no reports about Ami Brown’s illness. Neither are there any reports by TMZ or EXTRA. PEOPLE has only rephrased what was in the Discovery Channel’s preview videos. Otherwise — there is absolutely nothing about Ami Brown having cancer.

Billy and Ami Brown and their children have reportedly moved to Durango, Colorado. None of the local newspapers, including the Durango Herald, have any reports about Ami’s illness.

When Billy Brown and his second-oldest son Joshua were sentenced to 30 days in jail for lying to the state of Alaska, the headline hit the news the next day. Wouldn’t Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis be just as newsworthy – if it was true?

What is true is that the Alaskan Bush People children are worried about their mom Ami as shown by Discovery Channel’s clip.

However, what is also true, is that Ami Brown’s children have been travelling as evidenced in photos. The photo of Matt and Gabe with fans was taken in a Walmart in Arizona on June 21 and does not show any worried Alaskan Bush People children. Again, Ami’s trip to California for her illness took place weeks, or even months ago.

Most importantly, what is true is that merely the fear of a loved one – like Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown – having cancer is utterly frightening.

Our students used to love Discovery Channel’s nature shows and researched the true story behind Billy and Ami Brown’s Alaskan Bush People family. Now they are following the network to see how it is dealing with the final season of Alaskan Bush People and Ami Brown’s most frightening cancer scare.

Update as of June 28, 2017:

Tonight’s episode of Alaskan Bush People finally revealed to viewers that Ami Brown does have lung cancer. Since the filming of tonight’s Alaskan Bush People episode took place 2 months ago, many fans are wondering about the current status of Ami Brown’s illness.

We have learned that Ami Brown is still being treated for her lung cancer. Ami’s children have recently been seen in various cities in Colorado (Durango, Cortez, Dolores).  Matt and Gabe have been seen in Arizona.

Most importantly: After tonight’s show, Discovery Channel is offering Alaskan Bush People fans to send a letter to the Brown family to support Ami Brown in her illness.

Discovery Channel is writing the following:


Use the form below to send your well wishes and fan letters to the Browns. We’ll print and deliver your messages to the family and share with the Alaskan Bush People community online — a lucky few will even hear back from the Browns!

You can hand write your own special message and upload a photo of it, or simply type your sentiments in the box and send them off. Look for replies all season long on Facebook.

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