‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown illness: New heartbreaking details emerge

Fans of Alaskan Bush People mom Ami Brown are eager for new updates on her illness, what is being done for her lung cancer, and how her health status is.

The last episode of Alaskan Bush People informed viewers about Ami Brown and her lung cancer treatment options. As Sheila McCormack, the show’s Executive Producer, explains, Ami is in a very fragile state.

At the age of 53, Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown weighs only 94 pounds. Even without her illness, she would be considered underweight. If Ami loses five more pounds, her medical team would have no choice but to provide her with additional strength via a feeding tube.

In regard to Ami Brown’s illness, Alaskan Bush People viewers learn from McCormack that Ami’s cancer treatment plan will involve radiation five days a week for six weeks. After six weeks of radiation, Ami will receive 4-hour chemotherapy once a week via an IV.

Ami Brown’s stage 3B lung cancer treatment is taking place at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is actually located on the campus of the University of California. The State-Of-The-Art UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center has treated numerous celebrities. As any medical center, the hospital guards the privacy of its patients vigorously. However, UCLA offers an online virtual tour.

The Alaskan Bush People scene providing details about the illness of Ami Brown was filmed about 2 months ago. By now, Ami would have completed her radiation treatment and be undergoing her once-a-week chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, Discovery Channel is not giving Alaskan Bush People fans any information about Ami Brown’s current health status. Yes, viewers can write letters to the Brown family, but there is no actual response by the network.

Ami Brown’s son Joshua shares more

In contrast to the ratings-oriented network, Alaskan Bush People son Joshua Bam Bam Brown understands that viewers like to know more. Joshua’s middle name is Bam Bam (not Bam). His middle name was given to him in honor of his grandfather who loved the Flintstones.

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Joshua, who is Ami Brown’s second-oldest son, is living a rather extraordinary life. Without breaking his family show’s code of secrecy (and violating any contractual agreement with Discovery Channel), Joshua has a true connection to his fans.

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In regard to his mom Ami Brown’s illness, Joshua cannot use many words. However, a photo speaks more than a thousand words. Joshua shared the photo below on his (yes, it is his and not a fan’s) Twitter page.

While fighting her lung cancer, Ami Brown is surrounded by the love of her family. While leaning against the tree, she is holding flowers in her hands. When zooming in, one can see how Billy is holding his wife’s hands. His eyes are filled with worry.

On the Alaskan Bush People show, Joshua Brown appears composed about the illness of his mom Ami Brown. On his Twitter page, however, he is more frank about his true feelings.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the Discovery Channel.