‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown illness update July 8

Fans of Alaskan Bush People are searching for answers about Ami Brown’s illness and health status after Ami was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Here is the latest shocking update available as of August 25: Ami Brown is not doing well and finally speaks out

Ami Brown and her husband Billy are either in Colorado or Southern California in order for the Alaskan Bush People matriarch to get treatment in Los Angeles. Ami Brown,53, and Billy, 64, have left the Alaskan wilderness and Colorado is the family’s new home.

Alaskan Bush People Season 7 episode 3, like the previous two episodes, began with Discovery Channel stating that Ami Brown’s diagnosis actually took place nine weeks ago.

Despite Ami Brown being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer more than two months ago, the latest photo taken of her and Billy does not show any hair loss.

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The above photo of Ami and Billy Brown in Colorado was taken at the end of June. It appears that the Browns waited for the filming of Alaskan Bush People to end before beginning Ami’s cancer treatment.

According to Alaskan residents near Hoonah, the Alaskan Bush People family’s filming set called Browntown has been shut down and does no longer exist.

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While Ami Brown’s illness is finally getting the medical treatment that she needs for her lung cancer, her children have been spotted all over the West Coast.

The Brown children of Alaskan Bush People apparently spent their July 4 in Las Vegas. None of the Brown children really seem to be too devastated about mom Ami’s illness and happily appear in numerous photos with their show’s fans.

The Alaskan Bush People kids are actually quite familiar with Las Vegas. Here is an older picture of Bam and Gabe in Las Vegas.

Noah, Ami Brown’s youngest son, remained in Browntown to defend the Brown family’s home according to the family’s Alaskan Bush People show.  Since the filming is done, Noah is up to real-life and truly exciting adventures. The photo below was taken on July 4.

Ami Brown’s two daughters Rain and Bird have been spotted at Peggy Sue’s Diner in Yermo, California. Yermo is near Barstow on Route 15 almost halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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A photo of mom Ami Brown showing her illness or a photo of Ami Brown getting cancer treatment and having her children by her side does not appear to exist at this time.  Isn’t family support supposed to be what the Browns’ Alaskan Bush People is all about?