‘Alaskan Bush People’ Billy Brown still smokes while Ami Brown fights lung cancer

The most recent photo of Alaskan Bush People stars Billy Brown and Ami Brown is unbelievable. While Ami Brown is fighting stage 4 lung cancer and sits in a wheelchair, Billy Brown poses with fans – carrying Marlboro Reds in his shirt pocket.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People never got to see Billy Brown or Ami Brown smoking on the show. Discovery Channel made sure that no footage of the Brown couple smoking was aired.

However, members of the ParkSlope filming crew and residents of Hoonah, Alaska, were continuously witnessing how much Billy and Ami were smoking. Ami reportedly smoked about two packs of Marlboro Reds per day.

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In contrast to Ami’s portrayal on the Brown family’s reality television show, Ami did not follow a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits but reportedly had a very poor diet.

Given that Ami had a poor diet and was a heavy smoker, it is not too much of a surprise that she is now fighting lung cancer. However, what surprises many fans is that Billy is continuing to smoke.

The latest update about Billy and Ami shows the Brown family traveling to Colorado where they intend to continue filming Alaskan Bush People Season 8. The family is either staying in a hotel or in their RV. Ami, who is in a wheelchair, is with the family, but does not pose as often with fans as Billy and their children do.

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Except Noah, who is apparently with his wife Rhain Alicia in Oregon, everyone is together. How Discovery Channel can continue the Brown’s reality television show, however, is a big question.

Since Ami Brown was diagnosed with lung cancer, it has become quite obvious that the Browns are not a family living in the remote Alaskan wilderness.

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According to Matt Brown’s fan Facebook page, “the Brown family is on their way to check out their new land in Colorado.” With Billy, Ami, Matt, Gabe, Bird and Rain taking pictures with fans in hotels or stores, where is the family really searching for “new land?”

Rain Brown, the family’s 14-year-old youngest daughter, is so active on social media that the “remote” aspect of the Browns cannot continue in the future.

Most recently, Rain Brown confessed on Instagram that she was in love with a married man but her post was taken down. Instead of writing about her lost love, Rain now sings about it.

Rain, who likes to describe herself as a motivational speaker on Instagram, covers many topics. The one topic she has never addressed on social media is how dangerous smoking is to others.

Besides her parents Billy and Ami, the family’s oldest son Matt also smokes. Joshua, who is married to Allison Kagan, reportedly stopped smoking.

Like many fans of the Brown reality television show, our students became fascinated with Alaskan Bush People because of the beautiful scenery. Now, our students are following the show’s development to see how Discovery Channel will continue the theme of the Brown family living in the Alaskan wilderness.