‘Alaskan Bush People’ returns December 15 as ‘Colorado Bush People’

Fans of Alaskan Bush People are excited about Discovery Channel’s announcement that the Browns will return to TV for a Christmas special in Colorado.

Alaskan Bush People, already named Colorado Bush People by Discovery Channel, is scheduled to air with a Christmas special on Friday, December 15, 2017, at 10/9c. As for the return of the new season 8, the network has not provided any details or confirmed dates.

During the Alaskan Bush People Season 7 finale on August 23, 2017, viewers learned that the Brown family had traveled to an area near Dolores in Southwestern Colorado in order to look for a property.

According to Discovery Channel, Billy’s dream of a new Browntown is a 40-acre parcel of land in the wilderness of Southwest Colorado far away from “the trappings of modern society.” In an interview, Billy talks about the “pioneer spirit” and how his family lives “parallel” to that spirit – the starting over and the search for a new place.

Billy describes the new Browntown in Colorado as a place that has everything his family wants – plenty of room, multiple houses, and less than an hour from a hospital.

Alaskan Bush People family moves to Colorado

Discovery Channel describes the new land for Browntown as being just miles away from where Billy and Ami first fell in love with the wild “over 30 years” ago. Bear recalls that, as a child, his mom and dad “used to always tell us the legend of when they first fell in love with the forest.”

Bear continues to say that this was “actually in a magical spot in Colorado.” Both of his parents fell in love with the forest there. It was just something about the freedom, something about the magic in the woods itself.”

Apparently, gone is the love for the Alaskan bush by the Brown family and in is the love for the wilderness and forest of Colorado. While Discovery Channel is talking about the southwestern part of Colorado, the Brown family members have been seen by fans in Trinidad and Pueblo, 300 miles away in eastern Colorado.

Ami says that there is a lot of history in their new area in Colorado, including cliff dwellers. “It’s our ideal vision for the future,” adds Billy. “We can live our life how we want to live our life.”

“Everyone’s worried,” continues Ami and mentions the “gloom and doom” that is hanging over the family because of her lung cancer. “But come on, let’s all have some fun.”

“Come on, let’s get excited. Let’s have some fun like we used to do,” emphasizes Ami again while stroking her husband Billy’s back.

“I think Ami is right,” says Billy. “This is a new chapter. “ The old book is closed and there is a new book opening. And it is something we can get all excited about because there is no telling what it is going to be, concludes Billy.

It seems strange that Ami, who is the one fighting a life-threatening disease, is the one who is the most encouraging in the Brown family scene shown by Discovery Channel.

When watching Discovery Channel’s preview video, our students were stunned by Ami Brown’s strength, her courage, her sense of adventure, and her excitement about living in Colorado. Instead of focusing on her lung cancer, Ami is looking with enthusiasm into the future.

Ami is presently back in California where she continues her second round of chemotherapy. She does look frail and weak and if her weight does not improve, her chemotherapy treatment might not continue.

All of the Brown children are with her except Noah and Rhain (who are in Oregon) and Joshua and Allison (who are heading home to South Carolina). Except Allison (who used to be a producer on Alaskan Bush People), all of the Browns are expected to return for the new season 8.

The Alaskan Bush People, aka Colorado Bush People Christmas special will air on December 15 on Discovery Channel.

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