‘Alaskan Bush People’ fake? Rain Brown reveals truth about Ami’s cancer

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown finally exposes the truth and lies about ABP and her mom’s cancer. Find out how much time Ami has left to live.

Suspicions that Alaskan Bush People is not actually a reality television show about the Brown family living in the remote Alaskan wilderness (as being advertised by Discovery Channel), have been around since the show first aired in May 2014.

Discovery Channel’s claim that the Brown family kids were born and raised wild in the Alaskan outback were debunked by Billy Brown himself when he revealed that his sons Matt and Joshua were not born in Alaska.

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Billy Brown’s youngest daughter, 14-year-old Rain Brown, has had it with the network’s false presentation of her and her siblings.

“I’m gonna teach you a little thing,” Rain writes in one of her recent Instagram posts.

Rain Brown’s rather emotional response is addressed to one of her followers who criticizes that the Brown family members “have adapted to living in the lower 48 quite quickly.”

“People grow times change people get cancer!” Rain confirms that her mom Ami Brown is really fighting lung cancer. “And ya know what if you don’t like that you can go sit under a rock like you think we did.”

While Rain makes it clear with numerous Instagram posts that she is like many modern teens – and not living a life in the remote Alaskan outback – she is also reaffirming the heartbreaking truth that her mom is indeed dying from lung cancer.

According to the latest update on Ami Brown’s cancer, the 54-year-old Alaskan Bush People matriarch has completed her first round of chemotherapy and radiation at UCLA. The Brown family is presently living in a residence in Beverly Hills, which is only about 3 miles away.

Last month, Ami shared in an interview that doctors have given her a less than three percent chance of surviving her lung cancer.

As previously reported, stage 4 lung cancer indicates that the cancer has spread from the lungs to other parts of the body. The median survival time for stage 4 lung cancer is 8 months (median meaning that 50 percent of people will die within that time frame.)

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If Ami Brown was diagnosed with lung cancer (initially stage 3B) in May of this year, it would mean that she is now in her sixth month. The most recent Brown family photo shared by the family’s second-oldest son, Joshua Brown, shows her frail, but surrounded by her family.

Ami stated in her last interview that it was her faith and the support of her family that gives her the strength to continue fighting.

With everyone’s focus on Ami Brown’s cancer fight (which is all too real), not too many viewers are concerned about the fake aspect of Alaskan Bush People.

Quite obviously, Rain Brown is limited on what she can share on social media about the family show and her mother’s specific health status. The one thing Rain can definitely not speak about on social media is that her mom Ami and her dad Billy have been smoking Marlboro Reds for years.

As for Noah and Joshua, both call their wives (Rhain Alicia and Allison Kagan, respectively) their girlfriends on social media. However, court documents show that both Brown sons are married.

While it is uncertain whether or not Alaskan Bush People will continue for a season 8 (filming is halted at the moment), it appears that Discovery Channel still has a hold on the family.