‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matt Brown injured: 3 secrets about his real life revealed

Alaskan Bush People is a dramatic reality television show, but the most tragic and shocking events in Matt Brown’s family occur behind the scenes. While ABP mom Ami Brown is fighting lung cancer, her first-born son Matt is struggling with his own demons.

The Alaskan Bush People video clip of injured Matt Brown is bloody and seems to show the Brown family’s oldest son in a lot of pain.

Since the filming of the clip, months have passed and Matt has already shared with fans that he is doing just fine after the injuries he sustained during the accident.

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While the physical pain of the Alaskan Bush People explosion has come and gone, Matt Brown is still left with having to deal with the emotional pain that goes back long before his family even came to the Alaskan wilderness.

Matt Brown was not born in Alaska

Despite Discovery Channel’s claim that the Alaskan Bush People children were “born and raised wild” in the Alaskan wilderness, the truth is that Matt and Joshua Bam Bam Brown were born in the lower states.

When Matt was born, his mom Ami Brown was 19 years old. Billy Brown, who is 11 years older than Ami, whisked the young girl away from her family when she was only 15.

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After years of travelling across numerous states, the Brown family of four made their way to the Alaskan wilderness. By then, Matt was three years old and Joshua was one.

Unlike his younger brother, Matt Brown experienced his parents’ adventurous journey into the Alaskan bush more consciously. Billy’s experimentation with a new life style, his risk-taking endeavors, and his actions with the unknown are still visible in his oldest son Matt today.

“Alone in Browntown, Matt suffers a head injury from an accidentally detonated bear deterrent – proving how dangerous the isolation of the Bush can be,” describes Discovery Channel Matt Brown’s explosion accident.

Matt’s isolation from other family members

In real life, the Brown family’s isolation is not the way it is represented on Alaskan Bush People. Browntown, the family’s alleged home, is nothing but a set used for filming the show. When not working on the set, the Brown family members live in separate motel rooms (not permanent apartments) in nearby Hoonah, Alaska.

Once Park Slope, the producer of Alaskan Bush People, has enough footage for a new season, the Brown family members’ job is done. The Browns have been seen in numerous states including California, Colorado, Hawaii, and the East Coast.

While the Brown family frequents numerous places away from the Alaskan wilderness, the one place they do not visit is family members.

Billy’s parents and his only sister died in a private plane crash when he was only 16 years old. Billy had grown up in a happy and affluent family in a neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. The relatives that Billy still had after the plane crash, tricked him into signing an emancipation document — causing him to lose all of his family’s home and fortune.

As for Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown, once Billy took Ami from her family, she never saw them again. Joshua has at least his grandfather’s middle name Bam Bam. But Matt, he has nothing.

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Matt Brown smokes

Like his mom Ami Brown, Matt smokes. According to Hoonah residents who see the Alaskan Bush People stars at their motel rooms, Ami, Billy, and Matt are heavy smokers and enjoy Marlboro Reds.

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Matt Brown, the 34-year old eldest son of the Alaskan Bush People family, has been photographed while standing outside of his motel room in Hoonah. Unlike the character he plays on his family’s reality television show, Matt is alone, smoking, and his hair is styled back.

Why Matt was on the show’s filming location in Browntown at night is a mystery even to film crew members who were on in their boat on the dock nearby. Those who know Matt Brown’s real life are worried.

Is the fact that Matt experimented with an explosive device and got injured a sign that his demons are escalating from alcoholism to suicide?

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Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Discovery Channel.