New sighting of Ami Brown shocks ‘Alaskan Bush People’ fans

Viewers of Alaskan Bush People are speechless seeing mom Ami Brown apparently not on her deathbed after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

In Discovery Channel’s video titled “Ami Brown’s health crisis,” the Alaskan Bush People mom looks like she is more dead than alive. Whenever the camera is focused on Ami, she lets out a labored breath.

Discovery Channel’s screenshot from last week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People also evokes the image of mom Ami Brown lying on her deathbed or even in a casket. The dark background in contrast to the soft colors of the bed, pillows, Ami’s hair, earrings, and clothing are excellently done.

Mom Ami Brown lung cancer illness

The only indication that this is not a picture of a dead Ami is that she (again) seems to have trouble getting a breath out and that her eyes are at least half-open.

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What Ami’s family had to say

During last week’s episode, Ami’s second-oldest son Joshua Bam Brown, 32, describes how weak Ami is due to her cancer. His words brought tears to viewers’ eyes.

“To see mom not wanting to get out of bed because it might hurt to walk around the room, that was really difficult,” says Bam to the camera. “And then when I gave her a hug, I felt how thin she was,” he continued. “So yeah, that hit me pretty hard. As prepared as I was to walk into the room and go into that, it’s different when your’re there.”

Unlike Joshua Bam Brown, his dad Billy seems to be less confident when dealing with Ami’s illness. “Between you and I, I’m a mess,” Billy, 64, tells his son Joshua (and thus the audience).

A photo speaks louder than word

The above words (spoken to the camera) by Joshua Bam Brown and his dad somehow do not seem to match the most recent sighting of Ami and Billy in Colorado. And viewers are utterly stunned.

Apparently, Ami’s illness is not preventing her from getting out of bed, and Billy does not seem to be in any kind of emotional turmoil. With the sunlight shining on Ami and Billy, both of them look much less white haired and in rather uplifting spirits.

In contrast to the above pictures of near-dead mom Ami, the Alaskan Bush People matriarch is not struggling to breathe and her eyes are actually all the way open. It almost looks like she is smiling.

Is Ami Brown’s illness a sham?

Critics of the Brown family feel that the most recent sighting and photo in Colorado is proof that the whole Ami Brown illness, her cancer, and Alaskan Bush People health crisis is phony and only designed to rake in millions of viewers.  As the Brown family scandal has shown, Billy and Ami and their seven children have not lived for 30 years in the Alaskan wilderness as Discovery Channel claims.

“Once a liar, always a liar,” reads one of the thousands of Facebook comments.

Reports that Ami Brown is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in Los Angeles while living in Colorado (certainly not in the Alaskan wilderness) seem questionable for some critics. Others are pointing out that if mom Ami Brown would have had chemotherapy, she would have lost her hair by now.

Does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Chemotherapy uses one or several anti-cancer drugs in different doses to attack fast-growing cells as would be found in Ami’s lung cancer. Since cancer cells are not the only rapid-growing cells in the body, the drugs also attack other rapidly dividing cells like hair follicles or cells found in the lining of the mouth or stomach.

Hair follicles generally divide every 23 to 72 hours, so losing hair is common for everyone. However, chemotherapy patients experience hair loss that ranges from noticeable thinning to hair falling out in clumps.

Hair loss due to chemotherapy can include hair on one’s head, eyebrows, eyelashes, or in private areas. Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment and can start as early as the second or third week after the first cycle of treatment.

How much hair loss a cancer patient experiences depends on the chemotherapy drugs and dosages. Absolute no hair loss, as it appears to be the case in Ami’s cancer treatment, raises a big question as to how sick Ami Brown really is.

Our interest in Ami’s health crisis

Our students’ fascination with Alaskan Bush People and the Brown family began while studying the beauties and wonders of Alaska’s wilderness. Like many of the millions of fans of the show, our students went from a fascination of the natural beautiful setting to the incredible family values that the nine-member Brown family lived.

The fact that Ami Brown was homeschooling her seven children also caught our students’ interest. Because of their learning difficulties, many of them were also once homeschooled before joining our small Academy.

After researching the Brown family’s history and having followed Discovery Channel’s way of dealing with Ami Brown’s illness so far, our students have moved from natural beauty and family values to the creative process of making a reality television show.

Is ‘Alaskan Bush People’ fake?

Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People is neither fake nor real. Yes, the Brown family has lived and survived for many years in the Alaskan wilderness. And yes, there is an incredible support and closeness among the family members.  However, Ami Brown, 53, her husband Billy, 64, and their seven children have not lived in the Alaskan bush for the past 30 years as the network wants viewers to believe.

Quite interestingly, the names of the Brown family members symbolize the blending and thin line between Alaskan Bush People being forged and being real.

Billy Brown was born on December 3, 1952, in Texas and his full name is Billy Bryan Brown. Mom Ami Brown’s full name is Amora Lee Branson Brown and she was born in Texas on August 28, 1963.

Matt’s real name is Matthew Jeremiah Brown and Bam’s full name is actually Joshua Bam Bam Brown. Bear Brown’s full name is Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown, Gabe’s name is Gabriel Starbuck Brown, Noah’s full name is Noah Darkcloud Brown, daughter Birdy is Amora Jean Snowbird  Brown, and daughter Rainy’s full name is an incredible Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop Brown.

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If the names of the Brown children stand for anything, it shows that Billy and Ami have a very creative mind.

The creation of ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Our students have come to understand the Brown family’s reality television show to be a creation of the Discovery Channel. The network writes its scripts for the Brown family in order to draw in as many viewers as possible.

As our students point out, the contrast between Billy and Bam’s words during the second episode of Alaskan Bush People and the most recent photo of Ami and Billy seem to indicate that the network’s writers have used and are using the same process that we use in our creative writing classes.

  1. Use a real-life experience to begin writing a story or a script for a show. (Billy and Ami did once live in the Alaskan wilderness).
  2. Once you begin writing, let your imagination flow. Your characters and story line will take on its own fictional life. (Add in some bears, rent a cow, etc.)
  3. Keep your audience in mind. If you want someone to read your fictional story or show, you have to give the audience what they want or need. (Alaskan wilderness dangers, the struggle to survive, family closeness, etc.).

Since the Brown family’s show began airing in May 2014, the family has undergone quite a few changes. But how do you move on from a reality television show that has provided a good income and considerable net worth for all members of the Brown family?

According to our students, the topic of life versus death is certainly a captivating theme for any audience and a great way to finish any piece of creative work.

Everyone agreed that presenting Ami Brown like she was on her deathbed was quite a dramatic and effective move by the show’s creators and producers.

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Does Ami Brown really have cancer?

After all their research and following the news (we are on summer schedule), our students are convinced that Ami Brown has a health crisis. They are not convinced that Ami Brown does have stage 4 lung cancer or that she is as sick as the show presents it.  Like many critics, our students are stunned by the latest sighting of Ami and Billy.

However, whether or not mom Ami Brown’s illness is life-threatening or not, our students appreciate the Browns’ creative involvement in the show’s production and feel that prayers and well wishes to the Alaskan Bush People family can’t hurt anyone.