‘Alaskan Bush People’ mom Ami Brown speaks about illness & marriage

As Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown is fighting cancer, her words about her true relationship with Billy are heartbreaking, inspirational — and timeless.

Discovery Channel is currently preventing the Alaskan Bush People cast members from talking about the Brown family reality television show, specifically about Ami Brown’s cancer illness. However, as Rainy Brown shares in her latest Twitter video, while she cannot talk about “the show,” she can tell fans that “everything is fine.”

Is Ami Brown wheelchair bound due to her cancer?

Ami Brown, like many cancer patients, does spent some time in a wheelchair, especially when arriving or leaving UCLA, where she receives chemotherapy for her stage 4 lung cancer. However, one photo of Ami in a wheelchair does not mean she is always in a wheelchair.

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Ami Brown was diagnosed with lung cancer in May. After undergoing six weeks of radiation for five days a week, Ami started her chemotherapy in Los Angeles. Ami is currently receiving her once-a-week chemotherapy at UCLA, which explains why she can be seen in a wheelchair.

Recent false reports about Ami Brown

The latest news that Ami Brown is wheelchair bound due to her cancer is based ONLY on one photo posted on Facebook. The photo was not shared by Matt Brown’s Facebook page, but a fan’s Facebook page.

According to a July 21 photo shared by Ami’s second oldest son Joshua, Ami is not in a wheelchair. Also, Ami’s children are not partying and cruising around the country as some reports state. Even when the children do visit Las Vegas or are in nearby Arizona, they are never too far away from their mom when she receives her cancer treatment in California.

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Ami Brown is not 52 years old. Mom Ami, whose full name is Amora Lee Branson Brown, was born on August 28, 1963, making her 53 years old.

Hundreds of Alaskan Bush People fans congratulated Ami and Billy Brown to their July 38th wedding anniversary after a Facebook photo appeared online. However, Ami and Billy did not get married in July. The couple’s marriage certificate shows that Ami and Billy got married on June 16, 1979, in Texas. Ami was 15 years old (legal age of marriage in Texas was 14 then), and Billy was 26.

Matt Brown was not born shortly after his parents’ marriage. The Brown family’s first-born son Matt was born on September 7, 1982, three years after the couple tied the knot.

Ami Brown speaks about marriage

In an interview, which took place before Ami was diagnosed with cancer, the Alaskan Bush People matriarch talked about getting married at the age of 15. Ami, who fell in love with Billy when he was working as a plumber at her parents’ home, never had any regrets about marrying Billy.

“I was so blessed to be able to marry Billy at a young age,” she said. Even after more than 36 years of marriage, “I would not change one instance at all.”

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According to Ami, she and Billy never fight and their relationship has always been strong because they are friends. Ami says that trust and honor are the keystones to her successful marriage. “You have to build a strong relationship,” she explains.

Ami Brown speaks about illness

Whether it comes to legal troubles or an illness like cancer, Ami Brown says that when the world is the most challenging,” it is important to “lean on each other” and “to hold each other up.”

Ami describes Billy as “the most wonderful, caring, compassionate, considerate husband that any woman could be given.” Since Ami’s lung cancer diagnosis, Billy has never left his wife’s side.

If Ami was allowed to speak about her cancer publicly, she would use the above words to contradict any rumors that Billy is trying to make money of her illness.

The reality of a television show

As Ami’s youngest daughter states in her latest Twitter video, the Brown family members are not allowed to speak about her mom’s cancer or about anything regarding “our show.”

That code of silence about Ami’s cancer and her current health status is not being determined by the Brown family but by Discovery Channel. While under contract with a network, actors such as the Alaskan Bush People cast members have to oblige to the will of a network.

Alaskan Bush People will return with a new season 7 episode on August 9.