‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown, 14, confesses love for married man

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown’s latest Instagram post was deleted after the 14-year-old youngest member of the Brown family confessed to loving a married man.

On her Instagram account, Rain Brown describes herself as “that weird girl” from Alaskan Bush People. Rainy describes her ambitions as a singer, nutrition teacher, and motivational speaker. As such, in addition to numerous singing videos, Rainy has covered about any topic that might draw in followers — even though most fans are mainly interested in how Rain’s mom, Ami Brown, is doing with her lung cancer.

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Rain Brown’s latest Instagram post included a topic that Rainy considers to be “common but yet almost never” anyone talks about. Is a 14-year-old girl’s love to a married man really a common topic as Rainy claims?

Rain’s confession about her love to a married man was met with criticism on her Twitter account. While there appears to be a lack of adult supervision on what Rain initially posts on social media, the Alaskan Bush People star did get some adult feedback on her Twitter account.

“It is great that you found the courage to tell your crush how you felt, however, imo, it is inappropriate when the person is married,” writes one of Rain Brown’s Twitter followers.

Rain Brown is 14 years old and the question of her schooling has raised a few eyebrows. In California, Rain should have attended school according to the law. While allegedly living in the Alaskan outback, Rain was supposed to be homeschooled by her mom Ami, but who is teaching (and supervising) her now that Ami Brown is fighting stage 4 lung cancer?

Did I try to sing well this time? nope! HAPPY SNOW DAY EVERYONE!!!!! #stayhappy #staystrong #snowday #heckyes

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Rain Brown is currently on her way to Colorado where the new filming of Alaskan Bush People Season 8 is supposed to begin. While on their way, the Browns are staying in either a hotel or in their RV. Ami Brown is with them.

As part of promoting the new season, the Brown family members are more than happy to pose in numerous pictures with fans.

The one photo that is missing in the above collection is a photo of Ami Brown in a wheel chair pushed by Billy Brown. Take a look at what Billy has in his shirt pocket while his wife is fighting stage 4 lung cancer.


Rainy Brown’s Instagram post has resurfaced, and before it vanishes again, we are including all of her words.

“Hey guys! I just wanted to talk to y’all about a matter I find common but yet almost never fixed, stalkers… I’m just joking. Crushes. Kinda the same thing right?,” begins Rainy.

“You stare you dream but you never have the courage to do anything about it, anyone can have a crush on anyone, in fact it’s so common that it’s a cliché,” she continues.

Rainy then moves on to her confession of being in love with a married man. “I had a crush on someone once and I never told him. It was totally impossible considering I was 12 and he was happily married (see anyone can like anyone) but the point is I was very scared he was my first crush and I didn’t know what to do I knew he was nice I knew he wouldn’t mind if I talked to him but still I was so scared I almost cried every time I’d look at him.”

Our students are wondering how, while living allegedly isolated in the Alaskan wilderness, Rainy had contact with a married man. “So long story short I took a lesson from it and talked to someone else I had liked and it turned out great, but still years later.. I never told him.” To emphasize, Rainy is 14 now, so — years later — is actually two years.

Apparently, Rainy is still in contact with the married man. “Until one day not too long ago I told him (through text heehee) that I liked him,” she writes. “He was very sweet and understanding and it turned out that that scary monster of a crush actually made me who I am today, he was the reason I found quotes and because of it I wanted to help others who had gone through what I had, the moral of this story is to never be afraid and that it’s never too late to face your fears, stay happy my Rainbows Love you all.”

Who, in the Alaskan Bush People family, is responsible for Rainy Brown?