Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown opens up about her painful goodbye

Rain Brown of Alaskan Bush People is only 14 years old. Find out how Rain says goodbye to Alaska and how she is dealing with mom Ami’s likely death.

When Rain, the youngest of the Brown family members, visited the Alaskan wilderness one more time at the beginning of this month, it was a bittersweet get-together with old friends in Juneau. The young star, who has shared her experience via social media, will celebrate her 15th birthday on November 23.

But will mom Ami be around to celebrate her daughter’s 15th birthday?

Since her mom Ami’s lung cancer diagnosis earlier this year, Rain Brown’s world has changed from living a protected life in the Alaskan wilderness to living in Beverly Hills, just minutes away from UCLA, where her mom underwent chemotherapy and radiation.

Ami Brown shared in her last interview that her cancer was discovered when she went to the dentist to have impressions done for new teeth. The dentist’s scan revealed that Ami had a node.

At the time Ami’s cancer was diagnosed, she was already at stage 3B.  Despite chemotherapy and radiation, her lung cancer has progressed to stage 4, meaning it has spread to other parts of the body.

With a survival rate of less than 3 percent, and a median survival rate of only 8 months, Ami’s time with her daughter Rain might only be a few more weeks.

Looking back, Ami understands now why – during the filming of Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People – she was experiencing a lot of back pain. She also had trouble breathing after just short walks and was losing weight.

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For Rain Brown, as it would be for most 14-year-old girls, witnessing her mom suffer had its effects.

On social media, Rain admits to suffering from depression. However, Rain also reminds everyone that no matter what mental health issues one is experiencing, “we’re not alone.”

Whether it is due to having grown up in the Alaskan outback or whether it is due to being the youngest in a family of nine, Rain Brown shows an incredible maturity when it comes to dealing with her depression and dealing with her mom Ami’s illness.

Going back to Alaska to say goodbye to old friends was a painful but necessary experience for Rain. Browntown, which was once the filming set for Alaskan Bush People, has long been taken down and there is nothing there anymore.

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For Rain, the only thing left – before returning to California to focus on her mom – was to say goodbye to Alaskan friends.

On October 2, Rain Brown wrote about her last trip to Alaska:

Despite her mom Ami’s cancer, Rain Brown is focusing on the beauty that is in her and that surrounds her. You can take a girl out off Alaska, but you can’t take Alaska from the girl – one could say.

With the uncertainty that mom Ami will be around for her 15 birthday, Rain is drawing her strength from that which is certain – the support from family, friends, and social media followers. Rain frequently posts photos of herself along with her brothers, or sister.

In preparing for her mom Ami’s death and in times of weakness, Rain Brown draws strength from her inner self as she shares in her song:

On Instagram, Rain describes herself as “That weird girl from that show ABP singer/dancer fitness/nutrition teacher aspiring motivational speaker/writer & A2 part time but always a rainbow.”

Due to Ami Brown’s cancer, filming for Alaskan Bush People Season 8 has stopped. As such, it is unclear whether Rain Brown will ever return to the television screen.