‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown reveals family secrets with video

As Rain Brown of Alaskan Bush People parades her singing voice in a social media video, one can only ask, “What???” Is Rainy really a child who lives in the Alaskan outback?

Discovery Channel claims that all of the Alaskan Bush People children, including Rain Brown, were born and raised wild in the Alaskan outback. But is this really the truth?

As previously reported, the Brown family’s two oldest sons, Matt Brown and Joshua Bam Bam Brown, were born before Ami and Billy ventured to Alaska.

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But what about Rain Brown, the youngest star of Alaskan Bush People?

Rainy is the youngest child of the Brown family. Rain’s older brothers are Matt, 34, Joshua, 32, Bear, 30, Gabe, 27, and Noah. Her older sister is 22-year-old Bird.

Rain, whose full name is in fact Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop “Rainy” Brown, was born on November 23, 2002. She is now 14.

Alaskan Bush People first aired in May 2014, which means Rain was about 11 years old when she became a television star. Since each family member reportedly earns around $60,000 each, Rain’s net worth explains her shiny teeth and impressive look.

As for Rain’s singing voice, we’ll leave that up to the reader:

Rainy’s July 26 singing debut is receiving positive reactions on Rain’s Instagram account, while the opinions expressed on Facebook are quite the opposite.

What fans across social media platforms agree on is that Rain is not at all like her Alaskan Bush People “Rainy” character.

Quite obviously, Rain has grown up around Alaskan Bush People cast members that include make-up artists. Rainy’s teeth, along with her speech, are altered for the show.

As for style, neither Rain’s mom Ami or Billy have ever been seen with it. Rain’s oldest brother Matt, on the other hand, is also rather familiar with what it is like away from the Alaskan wilderness.

Rain, like her Brown family brothers Matt and Joshua, are very familiar with the world outside of the Alaskan bush. And the Brown children are certainly quite familiar with the online world.

While Rain has her Instagram account, Joshua Brown has his Twitter page. In contrast to Discovery Channel, Joshua shares real-world news about his mom’s illness. Here is the latest and only available photo of mom Ami as she is battling lung cancer.

Rain, along with all the other Alaskan Bush People family children, is staying near California to support Ami while she is receiving her chemotherapy.

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Our students, who are eagerly following the Brown family in their fictitious versus real-life story, have made an interesting observation. The fan Facebook pages about Matt Brown and Joshua Brown (not by Matt or Joshua themselves)) have 45,000 and 35,000 followers, respectively.

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Joshua Brown’s real Twitter page has 708  followers (yes, seven hundred and eight). Rain’s Instagram account has 1,517 followers.

As Alaskan Bush People stars Rain and Joshua show, the two Brown children focus on the positive and the creative sides in their lives.