‘Alaskan Bush People’ scandal: Ami’s cancer reveals shocking family secret, fake Brown cast

The scandal that Alaskan Bush People is fake exploded when Alaskan Bush People cast member Ami Brown was diagnosed with lung cancer. Did Ami Brown smoke?

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Critics of the phony Alaskan Bush People show had a field day when cast members Billy Brown and Bam were caught in a scandal that involved lying to the state of Alaska and being fake residents. In 2016, Billy and his second-oldest son Joshua Bam Brown were sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Since Alaskan Bush People first aired in May 2014, the Brown family cast members have overcome scandal after scandal and rumors of being a false show. However, Ami Brown’s lung cancer diagnosis is busting a major family secret.

Did Ami Brown smoke?

According to Hoonah residents who actually saw the Brown family during the filming of Alaskan Bush People, not only Ami Brown smoked but also some of her sons. Apparently, the Browns favorite cigarette brand is Marlboro Reds. Joshua Brown, who is married to the show’s former producer Allison Kagan, has reportedly quit smoking.

When not filming in Browntown, the Brown family cast members stay in their individual rooms in a Hoonah hotel, dine in local restaurants, and are free to smoke away from the cameras. Browntown is on leased land, not actually owned by the Brown family, and is only a stage set.

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Discovery Channel describes Alaskan Bush People cast member Ami Brown as a mom who “takes great pride in her garden, where she grows vegetables, herbs and flowers.”

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When on the Brown family boat, Ami trades “her gardening and cooking tools for charts and maps” states Discovery in her bio. “The art and history of navigation is a subject she has studied extensively. To relax, she enjoys reading books about celestial navigation.”

It is rather ironic that Discovery Channel describes Ami Brown, 53, as “the family’s undisputed navigator.”

The exposed scandal that the Alaskan Bush People main female cast member Ami Brown smokes and has been diagnosed with lung cancer is taking Discovery Channel’s reality television show into a direction no one, not even critics, had expected.

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