‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 7 Matt Brown: From alcoholism to suicide?

The Alaskan Bush People Season 7 episode clip of Matt Brown and the bloody head injury resulting from his explosion accident has many worried. Is Matt’s problem with alcoholism escalating into suicide?

While Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People has so far been dominated by the tragic news of Ami Brown’s lung cancer, Matt Brown’s explosion accident and his severe head injury is raising concerns that the family’s first-born son is cracking under the emotional stress caused by his mom’s life-threatening illness.

For those who missed the Season 7 episode clip of Alaskan Bush People showing Matt’s bloody head injury after his explosion accident, here is the gory scene again:

At the end of the Season 7 episode clip, Alaskan Bush People’ s second-oldest son Joshua Brown says that he doesn’t know how his older brother Matt, 34, got the head injury and exactly how the explosion accident occurred. But Joshua points out that Matt was alone in Browntown while the other family members were with Ami during her cancer treatment in California.

“I don’t want to speculate,” says Joshua. “I just know that he was trying to keep up a strong, brave front for everybody and I think he just cracked a little bit.”

In reaction to Matt’s explosion mishap and head injury, Joshua’s younger sister Rain also emphasizes that Matt is under a lot of emotional stress because of their mom’s illness. “He was probably feeling so much stress that he wasn’t thinking clearly at all,” she says.

Of course, Discovery Channel describes the Alaskan Bush People Season 7 episode clip showing Matt’s head injury after the explosion accident not as a result of cracking under emotional pressure but as a result of bear danger.

“Alone in Browntown, Matt suffers a head injury from an accidentally detonated bear deterrent – proving how dangerous the isolation of the Bush can be,” the network writes.

Since Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People is as scripted as any previous season, Matt also explains his explosion accident and his head injury as a result of trying to fend off bears. “The bears were really bad. I just got overly paranoid in the situation and took it a little too far,” he tells viewers.

According to Matt’s explanation, the explosion occurred when he accidentally detonated a bear deterrent that he made with black powder. “Essentially what happened is I got careless,” says Matt.

The dramatic and bloody Season 7 Alaskan Bush People video clip of Matt Brown’s explosion accident happened in reality two months ago. After getting nine staples to close up his head injury at a hospital, Matt was fine.

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In contrast to Matt’s physical well-being, his emotional state is a different story.

In 2016, Matt entered a rehab facility because he was dealing with alcoholism. As described in detail in the 3 secrets about Matt Brown’s real life, Matt is dealing with emotional disabilities that could lead to “accidental” suicide.

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Joshua Brown, who has proven himself as reliable spokesperson during the tragic events of Alaskan Bush People Season 7, is leaking the family’s fear about Matt’s emotional health.

“I definitely feel for him [Matt] because of everything he’s been through in the last couple of years, but also mom going through such an intense, emotional battle of cancer,” Joshua says. “If anything actually happened to him, it would be horrible. It would be devastating for everybody here. It’s a lot to deal with.”

New episodes of Alaskan Bush People Season 7 air Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Discovery Channel.