Ami Brown death scare frees ‘Alaskan Bush People’ kids

As Ami Brown is fighting for her life, the family’s Alaskan Bush People show is battling its own death.

Reports that Ami Brown is close to death have not been confirmed by anyone close to the family.  The latest updates provided about Ami Brown’s lung cancer include that Ami has completed her first round of chemotherapy and radiation at UCLA. Ami is now out of the hospital and resting.

Whether or not the treatment for Ami Brown’s cancer has been successful is unknown.

While Ami and her husband Billy Brown are in Los Angeles, the couple’s seven children are busy discovering a life far away from the Alaskan wilderness.

Due to Ami Brown’s illness, the filming for Alaskan Bush People Season 8 has stopped. Ami is too weak to participate and Billy Brown is too busy taking care of his sick wife.

Even if Ami is able to defy death and survive her lung cancer battle, can Alaskan Bush People ever return to television?

Discovery Channel’s premise for the Brown’s reality television show – that Ami and her family live a life in the Alaskan outback away from civilization is dead.

Matt Brown, the oldest son of the Alaskan Bush People family, just celebrated his 35th birthday on September 7. While many would expect that the family’s oldest son steps up and shows his support for his mom Ami’s illness, Matt has actually kept a very low profile.

The most recent picture of Matt Brown shows a man quite different from the Matt known from Alaskan Bush People. Matt appears worried, introverted, and deep in thoughts.

According to Billy Brown and Joshua Bam Bam Brown, Matt is not handling Ami Brown’s death scare too well. Joshua, as well as his sister Rain have stated that they are worried about Matt.

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Instead of Matt, Joshua has proven himself to be the pillar of the Alaskan Bush People children. Joshua and his wife Allison are staying close to mom Ami in Los Angeles as she is fighting her deadly stage four lung cancer.

Joshua Bam Bam Brown just celebrated his 33rd birthday on September 18. On his Twitter page, Joshua shares as much as possible with fans about his Alaskan Bush People family.

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For his birthday, Joshua’s wife Allison gave some of the Brown family’s kids tickets to the Eric Clapton concert on September 18.

Rainy Brown, the Alaskan Bush People family’s youngest child, is extremely active on  social media and shared the following on September 19:

Rainy, whose real name is Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop “Rainy” Brown, was born on November 23, 2002, making her only 14 years old. Despite California’s education law, it is unknown whether Rainy is attending any school or whether anyone teaches her. During their time in Alaska, Rain was allegedly homeschooled by her mom.

Like her brothers Gabe and Noah, Rainy is enjoying a life in Los Angeles — far away from Alaska. Most importantly, Rainy seems to come alive on social media.

In regard to her mom Ami’s cancer battle, Rainy Brown mostly shares cryptic messages saying that she will always be with her mom Ami – in life and in death.

On September 7, she posted the following about her brother Gabe Brown on Instagram:

“Despite popular belief Gabe isn’t dead he just dim wittily swam with his phone and then lost it lol he’s hanging in there as we all are, love you guys💝🌈 thank you all for the support prayers and love it truly does help❤️ God bless all of you.”

As Ami Brown is fighting her deadly lung cancer, her husband Billy is by her side in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, the Alaskan Bush People children are enjoying a life filled with a concert, a visit to Disneyland, trips to Los Vegas, and a busy social media life.

According to Ami Brown’s last interview, the Brown family children were never forced to live in the Alaskan wilderness but always had a choice. Would the children ever be able to return to their previous lifestyle?

With tens of thousands of Alaskan Bush People viewers following the events online, it is hard to imagine that the Brown family will ever be the same again. Even if the Browns move to some remote location in Colorado, it would be difficult for Discovery Channel to sell the family as “living away from civilization.”

Does Ami Brown’s lung cancer illness mean the death of the Alaskan Bush People reality television show?