Bam Bam Brown news: Joshua reveals most exciting ‘ABP’ details

Joshua Bam Bam Brown, whose middle name Bam Bam was given to him in honor of his Alaskan Bush People grandfather, is embarking on a new adventure.

In his latest tweet, Bam Bam Brown is not talking about his family’s show Alaskan Bush People but his new boat called Fathom This. On November 1, 2017, Joshua shared that he has already spent a whole year with Fathom This. “Celebrating 1 year with our little girl.  All she needed was a little TLC and a new name,” he writes.

According to Joshua Bam Bam Brown, his new adventure began while he was spending time with his girlfriend Allison Kagan on the Staten Island ferry. Being on the ferry gave Allison and Bam Bam the idea of “how cool it would be to have a space that large and also be on the water!”

After the idea of having their own boat was born, Bam Bam’s girlfriend Allison Kagan looked around and discovered an old ferry that was doomed to be sold for scrap. The couple acquired the old ferry and have spent the last year “gutting and renovating” it.

Bam Bam Brown shares photos of Fathom This

“It’s been a blast…,” shares Bam Bam Brown. “Alli has great artistic vision” and even more plans for the continued renovation. When Fathom This is completed, Joshua promises to share more photos.

As for Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown, Bam Bam shares that his dad is excited about helping Joshua and Allison Kagan with the plumbing on the ferry. Before moving into the Alaskan wilderness, Billy Brown made a living as a plumber.

It was while working as a plumber in Ami Brown’s home that Billy met the 15-year-old girl, fell in love, and whisked her away into a life of adventure and excitement. Quite obviously, Joshua Bam Bam Brown has inherited his dad’s genes.

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In regard to Bam Bam Brown and Allison Kagan, there is some confusion as to their relationship status. Joshua repeatedly calls Allison his girlfriend and claims that the couple was not dating yet when they were in New York last summer. However, Allison Kagan was involved in the production of Alaskan Bush People since its beginning, and she and Joshua have known each other at least since 2014 when the show first aired. Allison Kagan was let go as producer of the Brown family show because of her relationship with Joshua.

Allison Kagan and Joshua Bam Bam Brown have a lot of interests in common and make a perfect couple. Both are very artistic and love the camera.

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Insiders to the Alaskan Bush People family report that Joshua Bam Bam Brown and Allison Kagan got married in Hawaii last year. Because Joshua is a fan favorite and under contract with Discovery Channel, his true relationship with Allison is not being revealed to fans, say the insiders. Joshua Bam Bam Brown’s Facebook page has more than 40,000 followers, many of them female fans. Unfortunately, Joshua’s Facebook page is not actually kept by Bam Bam Brown but one of his fans.

At the end of Alaskan Bush People Season 7, it was uncertain whether Joshua Brown would return to the show since he was spending a lot of time in South Carolina, Allison Kagan’s home.

However, the latest updates reveal that Joshua Bam Bam Brown will return for Alaskan Bush People Season 8 which is to take place in Colorado. The new show will air as Colorado Bush People Christmas special on December 15.

Despite rumors that Bam Bam Brown’s net worth is extensive, the reality is that Joshua needs to earn money. If Allison Kagan and Bam Bam Brown want to continue to renovate Fathom This, the money for the project has to come from somewhere.

Joshua Bam Bam Brown shares on Twitter that everyone from the Alaskan Bush People family “can’t wait to come onboard.” It will be exciting to see if Fathom This will become a part of  the new Colorado Bush People Season 8.