Browntown: You won’t believe what happened to ‘Alaskan Bush People’ home

Browntown, the home of the Alaskan Bush People Brown family, has met a most unbelievable and tragic fate after mom Ami Brown was diagnosed with cancer. Even critics find it hard to accept.

According to insiders, Browntown near Hoonah, Alaska, is gone. Since Discovery Channel used the location as a movie set for the Brown family’s reality television show and the Browns are gone, so is the Brown – town.

After the filming in Browntown was over and the network had all its footage, Discovery Channel closed its office in Hoonah. The Brown family and the network’s filming crew have left Hoonah.

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Insiders report that after the last footage was taken, the network packed everything up from the movie set and sold all the leftover “crap.” As for the Integrity, the Brown family’s boat, it has also left Hoonah and made it all the way from Alaska to Seattle, Washington.

While filming took place on the movie set, the Browns stayed in Hoonah. When the show’s set was first built, Hoonah residents had been hired to build it. During the Brown’s absence from the filming location, locals would take care of everything, but no one actually lived there.

Browntown Alaskan Bush People

Alaska’s Hoonah is on Chichagof Island, which is considered the fifth largest island in the United States. The town is about 30 miles west of Juneau, right across the Alaskan Inside Passage.

Hoonah’s community is largely Tlingit and consists of about 850 residents. About 70 percent of the town’s population are of Alaskan Native heritage. Hoonah’s residents consider themselves to be a close-knit and family-oriented community.

Since Hoonah’s economy consists predominantly of fishing, timber-related business, and tourism, the arrival of Discovery Channel and the Brown family about four years ago meant an additional income opportunity. However, when it comes to the Browns, the locals comment that “you either hated them or loved them.”

What critics find hard to believe is that Discovery Channel did not keep Browntown at least as a tourist attraction. Millions of worldwide viewers have fallen in love with the Alaskan Bush People show, why not keep the movie set and make money from it?

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Some locals believe that the fact that Discovery Channel only leased the property on which the Browntown filming took place would be a factor for discontinuing it. Even though Hoonah does receive about 500 tourists, the expenses of continuing to lease and keep up the property would most likely outweigh any income from a Browntown tourist attraction.

Following Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis, it is understandable that the Alaskan Bush People Brown family left Hoonah. However, it is unbelievable – even for critics – that Browntown was shut down so quickly.

As seen in the video clip below, when Billy Brown faced his health crisis, didn’t the Browns say that they would always return to the bush, no matter what?

Our students, who are as shocked as other critics and fans, commented that what makes the unexpected fate of Browntown so hard to believe is that Season 6 seemed to be all about the town of the Browns.

Looking back at Season 6, they found “A Browntown Christmas” (which aired December 7, 2016), “Browntown Bound” (which aired December 28, 2016), “Browntown Boom” (which aired January 18, 2017), and “Forever Browntown” (which aired March 8, 2017.)

Well, so much for “Forever Browntown,” was all they could say.