Graduating early from high school pros and cons for you

All of our students take a graduating early from high school pros and cons course and everyone agrees that it is the most life-changing course. 

We generally offer our graduating early from high school pros and cons course at the beginning of ninth grade. However, many of our younger students choose to take the course earlier in order to find out more about their academic options.

By exploring the pros and cons of graduating early, our students are discovering what it is that they really want from their school life and future career.

Can you graduate early from high school?

Of course, most students are surprised when they learn that yes, they can graduate early from high school. Most states allow students to graduate from high school at the age of 16. Even though high school handbooks for students and parents contain that information, the rather crucial legal right for a student is often hidden in a very small paragraph that most students don’t read.

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Why is it good to graduate high school early?

One of the major advantages to leaving high school early is that teens can focus on their careers. One of the favorite benefits to finishing high school sooner includes being able to get a job and earn money at a younger age. Some students consider sitting in the classroom and taking courses that are mere busy work a waste of time and would rather prefer to be out in real-life situations.

Why should you stay in school?

Graduating early is not for everyone. Some students prefer to stay in school because they would miss being with their friends and/or favorite teachers. Others mention that they want to experience all the high school events like school dances, sports events, prom and graduation. For some students receiving a high school diploma is a major goal.

What are the benefits of having a high school diploma?

The benefits of having a high school diploma after completing all of your courses range from having a sense of accomplishment to being able to get a better job. Most colleges and employers ask for a high school diploma and are thrown off when someone tells them that they do not have one. While colleges are aware of high school equivalencies (not the GED), most employers are unfamiliar with alternative ways to receiving a high school diploma.

What are the cons to graduating early from high school?

The most important reason to not graduating early from high school mentioned by some of our students is that they are afraid of doing something different, of going a road less traveled.

Quite interestingly, the students who are most excited about having an option to having to stay in school are students with dyslexia, ADHD, or emotional challenges. Those students’ excitement is not due to the many challenges that they experienced in school but because they are independent and out-of-the-box thinkers.

As such, in order to determine whether to invest energy into finding a way to leave high school early, it is crucial to ask yourself what it is that matters to you.

Do you enjoy the social environment that a school provides or are you more of an individualist who would rather enjoy finding friends away from school?

If you have friends in school and enjoy your teachers, leaving high school early might mean giving up something that is of value to you.

Additionally, walking across that stage and receiving a high school diploma might be something important to you and your family. If you choose to leave high school early, you might give up on one of life’s most precious experiences.

What are the pros to graduating early from high school?

Some students know at an early age that they can learn more by going on the internet than they can learn in the classroom. Other students also find that they can learn more from the adults in their lives than by sitting in the classroom.

Learning is a never-ending experience.

The major difference between learning in a high school versus learning in college or on a job is who is responsible for what you learn. Being in high school means that most often everything is fed to you. Studying at a college or learning on the job means the responsibility is up to you!

Ask yourself, are you ready to make the choices of what you want or need to learn?

As such, one of the major pros for graduating early from high school is that you can be in charge of what you are learning. Instead of following someone else’s curriculum, you are deciding on what you need to learn in order to be successful in life.

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As the saying goes, where there is a will there is a way. If you are an independent and responsible student who wishes to have more choices on when to graduate, explore your options. However, while weighing the pros and cons of graduating from high school early, remember that there is a price to pay no matter what choice you make.

At our Academy, taking the graduating early from high school pros and cons course includes making a detailed list of what one has to give up in order to pursue a different path. Our students explore in detail what they would be giving up when leaving high school early.