Kristian Bruun emotional outburst about Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 (Spoiler Alert)

Kristian Bruun, who is known for his role as Murdoch Mysteries cast member Constable Slugger Jackson, is sharing his emotions with fans after Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 Episode 1. Beware that this article contains a major spoiler alert.

Kristian Bruun joined Murdoch Mysteries in 2012 and remained one of the show’s viewers favorite cast members until 2017. As Constable Slugger Jackson, Bruun portrayed a character who some fans perceived as a gentle giant who had a huge heart and was committed to his job.

As Constable Jackson, Bruun especially impressed Murdoch Mysteries viewers during the Christmas specials. Jackson’s excitement about the Christmas tree and Christmas festivities sparked many warm memories among the show’s viewers.

During Murdoch Mysteries Season 10, Bruun’s character became even more involved in Murdoch’s mysteries. And just as fans enjoyed his deeper involvement in the events of Station House No. 4, he gets killed off.

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According to Kristian Bruun, he was not fired from Murdoch Mysteries, but he asked to leave.

In addition to his role as Constable Slugger Jackson on Murdoch Mysteries (from 2012 to 2017), Bruun has also played the role of Donnie Hendrix in the award-winning Canadian science fiction series Orphan Black (from 2013 to 2017).

Bruun’s additional TV and film credits date back to 2003, just two years after graduating with a B.A. in drama from the Queen’s University in Ontario. In 2003, Bruun played a bartender in the film Good Morning Tomorrow. In 2017, Bruun played the role of a doctor in the award-winning The Handmaid’s Tale .

Bruun’s professional life is as filled as his personal life. Born and raised in Toronto as Charles Kristian Bonnycastle Bruun on October 25, 1979, Bruun is actually a dual citizen of Canada and Finland. Besides Canada, he has lived and worked in Germany and the UK.

Since Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 Episode 1 aired on Monday evening (and the death of Constable Slugger Jackson had become public) Kristian Bruun has shared numerous Twitter posts – and his overwhelming work schedule.

Kristian Bruun is looking back to his role as Constable Slugger Jackson with favorite memories and is grateful for having been a part of an amazing television series.

Here are a few of his posts:

Kristian Bruun is sharing also that he, like Murdoch Mysteries viewers, has overwhelming emotions about the departure of his character Constable Jackson from the series:

In response to Bruun’s emotional goodbye, the official Murdoch Mysteries Twitter page is asking fans to share their most favorite moments with Constable Slugger Jackson.

As fans look back and treasure six seasons with Kristian Bruun, viewers are also looking forward to an exciting episode 2 of Murdoch Mysteries Season 11.

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