Melissa Rauch pregnant again: How ‘Big Bang Theory’ star dealt with heartbreaking miscarriage

“Big Bang Theory” star Melissa Rauch, whose husband is writer Winston Rauch, shares her new pregnancy and reveals intimate details about her devastating past miscarriage.

In a July 11 guest post for Glamour, Melissa Rauch writes that she and her husband Winston decided to share the pregnancy news with the public before rumors would tell a different story. The excited couple’s baby is due in the fall of 2017.

Rauch writes in her post that she and her husband wanted to do more than just announce that they were becoming new parents. More than anything, Melissa and Winston want to help others by revealing their own pain of losing a baby.

“I personally just wanted to express what I’ve experienced in the hopes that it could—in some small way—help someone going through a similar pain,” writes Rauch.

The 37-year-old “Big Bang Theory” star, who plays the role of Bernadette on the award-winning series, says that there is so much “unnecessary stigma” around the topic of a miscarriage.

Rauch discovered her passion for acting while in high school. The star’s enthusiasm does not only shine through in her role as Bernadette but also in her words when writing about her miscarriage.

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Unlike most other deaths, there is no real closure after a miscarriage. Without an official funeral, without a public announcement, all that remains are too many speculations as to why.

Like Melissa Rauch and her husband Winston, too many couples blame themselves after having lost a baby. And there are constant reminders of what could have been. Doctor’s appointments, baby showers, and the due date all turned into “a memorial of a crushed dream,” explains Rauch.

Following her miscarriage, Rauch says that she experienced “a primal depression.” Just two weeks before losing their baby, the couple had enjoyed listening to their baby’s healthy heart.

With most candid words, the actress describes how the ultrasound image – showing her baby without any movement and without any heartbeat – is still haunting her today.

How is Melissa Rauch dealing with her loss and new pregnancy?

Our students were fascinated by Melissa Rauch’s words because it showed them that the celebrity star is using the same triple A survival guide for emotions as they are using: Awareness — Acceptance – Action

“But as it turns out—for me, anyway—miscarriage was more of a ‘this straight-up f*cking sucks’ situation,” says Rauch with words that reflect the awareness of her pain.

“Some things just are,” she continues. “The simple acceptance of this reality actually proved to be the most helpful course of action for me. This was a below sea-level moment amongst the proverbial peaks and valleys of life. There was something very healing about simply acknowledging where I was, rather than trying to completely make sense of it or wrap my head around some cookie-cutter rationale. “

As to what action to take after a devastating loss of a baby, Rauch says to find anything that brings one comfort. Whether that action involves planting a tree, mourning by having a small ceremony, or expressing one’s anger by “giving a big double middle finger to the universe” – do something.

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In regard to her miscarriage, Melissa Rauch says that the experience changed her forever. In regard to being pregnant again, the “Big Bang Theory” star says that she is grateful “for every moment.”

Rauch addresses the fact that the unknown is an utmost scary place. However, she points out that the unknown is also where we find hope and where possibilities can come alive.

“I’m trying as much as I can to embrace the reality of that uncertainty,” she shares.